About Us

Founded in 1969, McLean Auction & Realty is a family owned and operated real estate and auction company located in Gastonia, NC. We have a well rounded staff to meet all of your real estate and auction needs, commercial or residential. When faced with a long distance move, loss of a loved one, downsizing, change in finances or possibly a sudden illness we are forced to shoulder the burden. That usually includes liquidating assets and property as quickly as possible. Hiring McLean Auction & Realty to assist you with the process is the quickest and most efficient way to complete this task. Instead of trying to sell everything off in pieces over weeks or even months, you can invest one day of your time to an auction to dissolve the contents of your estate. Once you make the decision to have an auction, a date and time that you choose will be set for your sale. Give us a call, we would be delighted to meet with you and answer any questions you may have. A consultation does not cost you anything.